The Challenges of Sustainability in Economic Development
It has become essential to consider all sides of product development management, from the initial idea to the commercialized product or service. This development must be congruent with the economy of a territory, its environment and social fabric.

ECOsystemIE offers support and tools to economic development agents to help sustainable economic development on territories and to assist them in their work with small businesses in the sustainable development of products and services.

We promote an approach based on industrial ecology that puts in place appropriate metrics allowing territories to follow economic development, social development and environmental impacts relating to each economic actor in every sector. Industrial ecology is a strategic approach that allows, in a mid-term time-frame, to validate the integration of the manufacturing technical systems in the fabric of a territory or urban setting. It challenges us to look at things from a different angle, by applying a life cycle thinking. We consider all actions that contribute to goods and services proposed to consumers.


This way, we assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of economic activities on a territory to ensure the sustainability of their societal responsibilities in order for them to thrive. The key here is to see sustainability as a winning path to survival and success.


R & D

We work within the economic development structures of a region to make the companies in the secondary (manufacturing) and tertiary (services) sectors innovative and resilient by a value-driven economic approach. We have developed the tool EcoMetricsTM that allows to estimate the impact on the net benefits of a company under various scenarios.


We offer a novel approach to economic development by integrating the success factors of the businesses of your region so that you can accompany them toward success on three panels:


1. Social : through creating and retaining quality jobs;

2. Economic : through an increase in the net profits;

3. Environmental : through our proprietary methodology Sustainable Innovation Through Eco-Conception (SITETM) across your territory.